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Build SMS or Voice Calling for Web or Mobile Apps

Our platform provides everything you need to create powerful Voice & SMS Apps to improve customer communication and engagement

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SMS Texting: Pricing & Feature

Our geographically distributed data centers, architecture, and 24/7 manned NOCs ensure 99.95% uptime. Use SMS texting to communicate quickly and reliably with your users. Inbound SMS texts are FREE!

SMS Features Plivo
Price per Outbound SMS $0.0050
Phone Number Rental $0.80
Price per Inbound SMS FREE
24 x 7 Emergency Support FREE

Send SMS to ALL Countries

Unicode Support for every language

Automatic Long SMS Concatenation

Dynamic Sender ID

Two-way SMS in 19 Countries

Two-way SMS Short Code in US & CAN

Voice API: Pricing & Features

We work directly with local carriers in 200+ countries to connect to 1600+ carrier networks around the world. This means that we can provide the highest quality routes at the lowest prices. See for yourself.

Make Phone Calls to ALL Countries

Native SIP

SDKs for Mobile and Web

Wholesale pricing from the start

Local Phone Numbers in 55 Countries

Feature Rich Right Out-of-the-Box

Voice Features Plivo
Outbound per minute $0.0120
Inbound per minute $0.0085
Phone Number Rental $0.80
Call Recording FREE
Call Storage FREE
Global Conference FREE
24 x 7 Emergency Support FREE

Need to switch quickly? Ask about our migration guide!

At Plivo, the quality of service you receive is not dictated by the size of your business or the complexity of your app. We believe that all our customers deserve impartial 24/7 emergency support and guaranteed response times at no extra cost.

Get the support you deserve, absolutely FREE

Customer Support Features Plivo
Guaranteed Response Time FREE
24 x 7 Emergency Support FREE

Scalable Features for Businesses of All Sizes 

Our platform is designed to help companies grow seamlessly. Enjoy out of the box features like call recording, real-time notifications, custom call controls, access to short codes and more. Ask us about features that apply for your specific business needs.

Over 70,000 companies communicate through Plivo

Plivo enables companies of all sizes to extend their communication goals

“Plivo is more than just analternative. I built my company onPlivo because of their great voicequality and in the rare times when Ihad issues, their support team wason it right away. "

Mark S.
Director at CallRail

“ …I needed to leverage device registration, which doesn’t work well without a lot of hacks on Twilio. Plivo’s API lets me create a SIP endpoint, generate the registration… register a phone or app directly to their SBC. Game Over.“

Vince Desta 
Founder at Layer Four Solutions

“ We chose Plivo because reliability is at the core of our product. Plivo gave us great SMS delivery rates and terrific international coverage for our rapidly expanding global user base.”

Clint Barry
 CTO at Weave


Secure Communication On All Major Carriers

Global Phone Number Inventory

Intelligent & Custom Call Controls

Real-time Notifications & Logs

High Usage Discounts For Voice & Sms

Free 24/7 Emergency Customer Support

Developer Portal

Client & Server Side SDKs

Online API Reference Library